Sending Out an SOS: The Importance of Self Care

I woke up two days ago with the most amazing coldsore and mouth-full of blisters.

I know, I know, I’m a weirdo for calling them ‘amazing’, right? Those of you who have ever suffered with coldsores, ulcers or blisters alike, know they’re far from wonderful/ amazing/ fantastic… But really, I genuinely think mine are great.

They serve me with an important reminder. A reminder that self care is no longer optional for me.

It is a necessity.

I got a bit cocky, you see. I thought that I was ‘well’, so a late night here, a skipped meal there, the odd few journal entries missed (amongst other strategies that I have appeared to drop from my list!) didn’t seem like a big deal.

Turns out, it is a BIG deal!

Over the past few months, I’ve come to learn how closely my physical and mental health are linked. One doesn’t hold up long without the other on it’s side. I can no longer ignore the warning signs my body gives off as I start to unravel.

Where once upon a time I would have soldiered on, not paying much attention to what my body was trying to tell me, I now listen carefully and react accordingly. From that one little mouth ulcer, to this giant coldsore- I know that these are physical reactions to something that isn’t working for me.


I’m becoming well rehearsed in noticing and hearing my body’s cries now. It has taken a lot of practise, trial and error,  but these latest symptoms have acted as a flare gun, a distress signal, drawing my attention to imminent danger.

They have finally made me  understand that I need to make my self-care an absolute non-negotiable. No more getting carried away, no more “Ahh, it’ll be fine, it doesn’t matter”. My health is not a commodity that deserves to be compromised. I cannot afford to burn the candle at both ends.

Therefore, I ask you – Where are you compromising? What warning signs is your body giving you?

Take some time to pay attention to your body today. What is it telling you? Is there tension, aches, pains, cramps, sores?

What might have been contributing to these ailments? What self care can you schedule in to your routine? What needs to become a non-negotiable for you?

Your body is sending out an SOS. Isn’t it time that you came to the rescue? 


Want some ideas for implementing Self Care? Check out my blog My Top Tips for Self-Care.

Leave a comment, contact via email or message me directly with any thoughts, feedback or questions about this post. I’d love to hear how you’re getting on with your self care.

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14 thoughts on “Sending Out an SOS: The Importance of Self Care

  1. Your self-awareness is inspiring. Right now, my body is telling me I need to SLOW DOWN. It says that a lot. I’m usually the guy trying to juggle as much as I can all the time. It wears me down. Great post for those of us searching for that all-elusive balance in our mental health.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Mark! Listen to your body, it knows better than your mind… or at least that’s what I’m learning. I can completely empathise with the whole ‘juggling as much as I can’ thing as well. Maybe checking in with why you are driven to do this could help you drop the things that aren’t as important, in order for you to slow down at least a little?


    1. ohh, no I haven’t heard of that one, I’m a big Louise Hay ‘You Can Heal Your Body’ fan- it follows exactly the same principle… and it too is next to my bed so I can look up all of my ailments and discover their mental/emotional origin!!!!! Great minds…

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      1. Haha yep I have that one too although I’ve not referred to it much, perhaps I should have a read tonight. I think they are pretty similar books to be honest. I really believe in the mind/body link, my T once said you can even break bones by falling down stairs etc as your body telling you to slow down !! More extreme end of course but I’ve noticed now that o often get heartburn or headaches when stressed or nervous. When I am dealing with hard stuff in therapy, my neck and shoulders always ache! Xx

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      2. absolutely agree with the mind/body link. Louise Hay speaks a lot about how we attract every situation in our life based on our subconscious beliefs. The more I’m going through my journey, the more I listen to others, the more I read etc etc, I really do believe it! x

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      3. I’m starting to agree with this too. I think subconscious beliefs and transference play a huge part in what we deem appropriate and acceptable. I’m learning so much about the types of people and dynamics I’ve allowed to develop in my life and they all stem from unconscious beliefs. I think I’ll have a read of that book tonight now, thank you!! Xx

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      4. It’s amazing when you start to see the patterns, isn’t it?! A little scary though, to realise it all stems from something.
        I’m currently reading a book about toxic parents- It’s so interesting to read about so many real-life case studies, how the relationship with your parents throughout your early years, throughout childhood and even through your teens, impact throughout the rest of your life. x

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      5. What’s it called (if you don’t mind me asking?) I’ve got lots of these types of books, i have lots of books on narcissists and being the daughter of one – toxic relationships and people has been the biggest effect for me – like you say it is a bit scary, I can’t quite believe some things I’ve been part of and had not even realised!! Xx

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    1. Oooohhh try and remember to stop and take some big, slow, deep breaths once in a while! I’ve downloaded an app to send me random mindfulness reminders throughout the day, to help keep me more in tune with myself and more present xx


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